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Our focus is on workplace investigations including bullying and sexual harassment however we also offer support HR services to help your team learn better communication skills in the office that will minimise future staffing issues.

Workplace Investigations

Engaging an independent, external investigator is the key to achieving a successful outcome for your workplace investigation. With no pre-conceived knowledge of those involved or vested interest in the outcome, an independent investigator can deliver a faster, more effective and thorough resolution.

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Clients need certainty when an investigation is needed – in terms of timeframes, cost and reliability.  My experience in this area, and the way I practice, allow me to conduct workplace investigations in a very efficient manner. I believe the timeframe between starting and finishing an investigation should be as short as possible in order to reduce stress, exposure and risk for all parties involved.

An efficient investigation also allows for report recommendations to be implemented quickly.  These might include:

  • mediation between the parties;
  • training and coaching initiatives focusing on behavioural change for individuals,
  • training and coaching initiatives focused on helping teams work together and communicate effectively;
  • performance management; and
  • disciplinary action

Engaging an independent investigator is a prudent step for any organisation undertaking a workplace investigation. The ability to achieve an independent, objective and thorough investigation of workplace complaints including harassment, bullying, discrimination or any form of alleged misconduct, is crucial to achieving a satisfactory outcome for all involved.

An external investigator does not have any biases that might come with knowledge of the people involved.


An investigation usually takes the following process following initial instructions:

  • review of complaint and witness statements
  • review of other relevant documents
  • formal letter to complainant, respondent and witnesses advising of process and confidentiality
  • preparation of draft questions
  • schedule of interviews
  • formal allegations to respondent, allowing time to respond
  • interview of respondent
  • second interviews if necessary to clarify evidence
  • evaluation of evidence
  • writing of report and recommendations

I am able to assist to assist clients in the most difficult of performance management situations, and also provide training, either in groups, or for individuals, to improve their skills in this very important area.

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HR Advice and Performance Management

Dealing with any type of conflict in the workplace is difficult and effective performance management can be a hard skill to learn by your leadership team. Equipping your managers with tools to effectively handle under performance and other inefficient workplace issues, can enable them to successfully manage these conversations in non-conflicting way.

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Being able to empower your team to create a more high performance culture based on trust and collaboration will result in greater productivity, less chance of future conflict and a more engaged team environment. Performance management coaching and training will improve your team's skills in the following areas: * Performance appraisals that provide constructive encouraging feedback * Providing performance-based feedback * Enabling more structured, positive and clear communications between team members * Being better equipped to navigate difficult conversations * Learn techniques for dealing with performance management issues * Providing tactics to deal with staff who do not respond well to feedback

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Coaching & Mentoring

After there has been conflict and disruption in the workplace providing some coaching & mentoring to anyone involved can help minimise the risk of it occurring again. When employees clearly understand the impact of their actions, they are more likely to become valued & productive team members who can then assist other staff to better manage situations arising from sexual harassment & bullying.

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Guided coaching and mentoring sessions assist people to challenge their own accepted ways of doing things to create a high performance culture in an appropriate way. This leads to your managers having the skills to better manage their team and their outcomes.

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