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“My legal background, critical thinking skills and experience of different personalities enables me to get to the heart of problems quickly and efficiently.”


Margaret Jolly

We know you need certainty when an investigation is needed in the workplace, especially in terms of timeframes, cost and reliability. I am a highly sought after consultant specialising in workplace investigations.  My experience in this area, and the way I practice, allow me to conduct workplace investigations in a very efficient manner to minimise your costs and allow you to get back to running your business quickly. I believe the timeframe between starting and finishing an investigation should be as short as possible in order to reduce stress, exposure and risk for all parties involved.  An efficient investigation also allows for report recommendations to be implemented quickly.

Dealing with sexual harassment and bullying claims in the workplace is stressful for all involved. My legal background, critical thinking skills and over 20 years experience dealing with different personalities enables me to get to the heart of problems quickly and efficiently to minimise disruption and stress in the workplace

As an independent & objective investigator, I have no bias and can work through the issues to remove distractions from the workplace and repair working relationships throughout the process. Having worked with some of Australia’s leading companies her specialist knowledge I focus on outcomes that are based facts & evidence.

If you are experiencing any internal complaint including harassment, bullying, discrimination or any form of alleged misconduct, and your business needs a fast result with a satisfactory outcome for all involved get in touch and we can discuss the process and your needs.

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